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This is a Tune is a vibrant and lyrical pamphlet packed with songs of the city and living life to the full. The imagery is often startling and always precise, and the use of repetition works well. Cathy is a unique spoken word artist with a declamatory style and great range of expression.

Her poems are well laid out on the page and enhanced by illustrations, including some of Cathy’s own artwork. Like a beautiful garment her work can be appreciated with or without the poet to animate them, although I guarantee you will want to see Cathy live on stage after reading these intriguing poems.

” Larry Buttrose Hi Cathy, I’ve been enjoying your poems. My fave so far is Existence. A very nice, tough work (I like many of them). 

Stephen Wright Hello Cathy, Hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for your fascinating book of poems. It is intense, very honest and powerful. What a treat. Many thanks. 

Kath Tait “There is a Tune by Cathy Flower is an exuberant book of poetry. Combining some painful subject matter with mischievous word play I found this woman’s wild imaginative verse is uplifting and accessible.

 Ana Key (Vee Malner) I can’t believe how good There is a Tune is…. Every word, every poem, it all flies off the page, it strikes, amazing. It’s so fresh! Every word is like a breath of fresh air. Your poetry helps me breathe. I am a mere nothing now, compared to those beautiful words of yours. So incredible. I will reread and always get a buzz. Thank you, goddess of words.

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