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About me George-E-Harris

George E Harris

Author And then it comes Blowing

Our goals remains the same to offer free publishing to new talented writers, selected by our committee.

Just by chance, i was talking to a poet i met at poetry event, who told me he could not get published. i asked him why ” he explain ?  i said ” I don’t worry i’ll do it.”  he looked puzzled as if to say how can you do it” i asked him for his manuscript he said he would bring it next week what happen his friends turn up with  his mauscript and the rest as they say is history.

London Poetry Books has always supported our journey and we reciprocateby supportin their event Paper Tiger Poetry.

Poetry will always make me happy and give you great joy, it just a question of finding the hidden voices to bring the world happyness and understanding
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I work behind the secene attempting to make new writers feel comfortable about their work, taking away any doubts it not good work. Validate their creative ability and oppertunity to perform and be published. Together we can turn hidden poets into …….


"And then it comes Blowing. What a wonderful read, love the pictures. It made me feel like girl playing in the feild, life is to short not to read this book. by George E Harris"
Paula Robinson
Down Ghost Lane Wow! What a ride! Soft, sensual sexual opening with hissing Serpents belies the gamut of human emotions and punchiness of Took one Look and I giggled out loud at Squirt and Mop then dropped into heart rending impending madness and insanity and such sadness with Richard but happily , my journey ended with a put together gentle song that made me close the book with a smile... x"
Outside In Musin on life as an Autistic Poet "Outstanding debut poetry book from Alain English. A raw, honest and open insight into an autistic mind. Couldn't put it down from start to finish. Get your copy NOW! ."
"This is a Tune is a vibrant and lyrical pamphlet packed with songs of the city and living life to the full. The imagery is often startling and always precise, and the use of repetition works well. Cathy is a unique spoken word artist with a declamatory style and great range of expression."

Author Alain English

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