Twisted and Chewed 2



Twisted and Chewed 2

Twisted and Chewed 2 Shaun Rivers, Spoken Word Artist, Actor and Lead Singer of Charlie And The Oscillator Shaun Rivers returns to the literary world with his second poetry collection from William Cornelius Harris Publishing entitled

“Twisted and Chewed 2”

It is a direct follow up to his gritty first release in 2018.
His brilliant second volume is a sequel that far surpasses the first
higher highs, lower lows and an overriding attempt to keep a soft heart in a hard city.
The usual nocturnal tales of debauchery are still present however his character and maturity as a writer has evolved to a much greater depth and the poetry reflects and wrestles with a deep spiritual yearning and an understanding of the need to cherish the earth and look after it.

A full examination of self is explored within the poetry and somewhere between self loathing and self realisation we get a profound moment of self empowerment and personal freedom expressed with humour and vulnerability.
Razor sharp observations on life in London Town, honest confessions of the soul and packed with hilarious one liners any stand up comedian would love to have in their routine.Fans of Sylvia Plath, John Copper Clarke and Charles Bukowski will absolutely love “Twisted and Chewed 2” by Shaun Rivers.

An original, highly entertaining read.

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Product Details

ISBN 9781911232407
Copyright  (Standard Copyright Licence)
Edition First
Publisher William Cornelius Harris Publishing
Published March 2023
Language English
Pages 42
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions (centimetres) 14.81 wide x 20.98 tal


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